Anne Huffschmid

Within global prayers • redemption and liberation in the city, Anne Huffschmid is coordinator of the case study on Liberation Theology as Urban Practice in Latin America and co-curator of the exhibition the Urban Cultures of Global Prayers. She is a cultural scientist at the Institute for Latin American Studies, Freie Universität Berlin. Her main research areas include discourse analysis, urban studies and ethnography, memory, gender and visuality. For many years, she worked as a researcher, journalist, curator and filmmaker in Mexico City; in 2002 she received her PhD with a study on the semiotics of the Zapatista Movement (published as Diskursguerilla: Wortergreifung und Widersinn, 2004).

She was the curator of the multidisciplinary urban dialogue project La crisis como laboratorio that spanned Berlin and Buenos Aires (2004-2006). Her current research project Memoria in the Megacity deals with the staging of memory and strategies and conflicts in urban public space in Buenos Aires and Mexico City. In both cities, she has conducted long-term field research, including visual research, and organized numerous academic and cultural encounters between Latin American and German scholars and cultural producers on topics such as urban conflict, public space, and memory performances. She is a founding member of metroZones – Center for Urbain Affairs e.V.

Recent book publications on urban topics: Stadt als Labor: Krise und Erinnerung in Berlin und Buenos Aires (Berlin, 2006), La crisis como laboratorio (Buenos Aires, 2007), Los poderes de lo público (co-editor, Frankfurt am Main/Madrid, 2009), Metropolis desbordadas. Poder, culturas memoria en el espacio urbano (co-editor, Mexico City, 2011).