Theme Days • 26.02.

12 am - 3 pm How the Other Half Worships

Over a period of four years, Camilo José Vergara visited churches in the poorest neighborhoods of the US, taking part in Sunday services and choir rehearsals and conducting interviews with the pastors. The result is a sensitive photographic-sociological study of faith practices in urban communities beyond the scope of the predominant religious communities. Vergara concludes the Theme Days by turning our attention once more to methods of researching and presenting religious movements in the cities. Participants present the minutes of their experiences at the Theme Days.

With José Camilo Vergara, Regina Bittner, Filip de Boeck, and Helmut Draxler! Moderator: Julia Eckert

How the Other Half Worships - Lecture by Camilo José Vergara. Photo: M. Lanz