Theme Days • 23.02.

7 pm Redemption and Liberation in the City - Opening Discussion 

In a condensed program, international artists and academics present and comment on new religious spaces, pop cultures, architectural forms and movements from the cities of Istanbul, Cairo, Kinshasa, Lagos, Mexico City, Mumbai, New York and Berlin.
In the following discussion an international panel of experts discusses the global links between religion, economics and politics with a special focus on the connections between Catholicism, Pentacostalism, Marxism, Islam and feminism.
With Nezar AlSayyad (Architect, Urban Designer, Berkeley), Gilles Aubry (Sound Artist, Berlin), Enrique Dussel (Philosopher, Historian, Theologian, Mexico City), Charalambos Ganotis (Musician, Hamburg), Magdalena Kallenberger and Dorothea Nold (Artists, Berlin, Cairo, Istanbul), Birgit Meyer (Anthropologist, Utrecht), Michaela Meise (Musician, Artist, Berlin), Aernout Mik (Artist, Amsterdam), Marcia Pally (Cultural Scientist, Writer, New York, Berlin), Hidayet Tuksal (Islamic Scientist, Istanbul)

Moderator: Andreas Eckert (Historian, Expert in African Studies, Berlin)

The Global Prayers Theme Days at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin. Photo: M. Lanz.
Opening Panel: Enrique Dussel, Birgit Meyer, Marcia Pally, Hidayet Tuksal. Photo: M. Lanz