Table Talks

"De-Colonizing Research - Table Talks" is a conversation series produced as part of the Global Prayers Congress 2013 at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin. In dialogs, academics, artists, and practitioners are talking about their production of knowledge and insight shedding light on questions of representation, points of view, approaches, and methodologies of research.

Participants: Mustapha Adebayo Bello (Islam scholar, Lagos), Filip de Boeck (anthropologist, Leuven), Sabrina Dittus (filmmaker, Berlin), Köken Ergun (filmmaker, Berlin/Istanbul), Gerda Heck (sociologist, Berlin), Marloes Janson (anthropologist, London), Christine Hentschel (urban sociologist, Berlin), Christian Nowatzky (Pastor, Berlin), Peter Ott (filmmaker, Basel/ Stuttgart), Lokman Slim (journalist, Beirut). 

Table talks at the Global Prayers Congress. Photo: HKW