Lagos Travelogues

The idea of compiling a collection of travel reports - or rather, travel impressions - came out of the workshop itself. Following Surabhi Sharma’s suggestion to document our experiences of the trip, we developed the idea of the Lagos travelogues. Every participant would, in a format of his or her choice, talk about an event, a personal experience, the city, or the workshop itself. The account could take the form of a description of a specific situation, a series of images, a soundscape, or even a series of new questions. The travel impressions/travelogues assembled here are subjective and (in some cases) quite personal notes on and recollections of our trip together. The collection remains fragmentary; it presents different facets of the places we visited and of the encounters and discussions we had.


Prayers on a parking lot. At the Redemption Camp of the RCCG church in Lagos. Film: J. Wenkel/E. Ojesebholo