The Heinrich-Böll Stiftung has been supporting the global prayers project since its early development stage through its main office in Berlin. One of the Foundation’s contributions was the funding of the workshop Global Prayers to Go, where about twenty collaborators came together over the course of two days in June 2009 to develop the project’s overall design. Beginning in February 2010, the Heinrich Böll Foundation has been funding a number of smaller case studies in Rio de Janeiro, Lagos, Istanbul, Beirut and Mexico City/Buenos Aires through its respective regional offices. Each of these case studies investigates specific questions on the topic of the relationship between the political and the religious. The Heinrich Böll Foundation funds the following academic and artistic projects conducted as part of the global prayers project: Anne Huffschmid, Adé Bantu, Eda Yücesöy, Sevgi Ortac, Hiba Bou Akar.

Furthermore, global prayers will attend the conference "Radius of Art", which is part of the EU / ALF-project "art-based research / research-based art" and is organized by the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung. "Radius of Art" will take place in Berlin on February 8 and 9, 2012.