Global Prayers

Europa-Universität Viadrina

The Europa-Universität Viadrina is a German university located in Frankfurt at the Oder on the border between Germany and Poland. The thematic focus of Viadrina is Europe with a concentration in East Central Europe. What constitutes Europe, however, has changed repeatedly throughout history; moreover, the continent will play its role in globalization in the future. Because of this, the academic and scientific interests of Viadrina transcend historic geographical limitations. With this aim, Viadrina – as a German-Polish university – has become a ‘specialist’ for transcending borders and geographic spaces; intercultural competence in a culturally multifaceted society; interdisciplinarism in a world that requires more than a single perspective; and for multilingualism in both a literal and figurative sense.
In the context of global prayers • redemption and liberation in the city the Europa-Universität Viadrina coordinates, organizes, and supervises the academic part of the project.